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1056-SE4 Alemite Heavy duty grease lever gun,16 oz cylinder capacity W/extension & Coupler

Alemite Heavy duty grease lever gun, Size: 16 oz cylinder capacity with extension & Coupler, Pressure: 10,000 psi

131000-T Alemite Grease Fitting,Air vent,Opening Pressure: 12" water max

Alemite Grease Fitting, Type: Air vent opens at designated pressure, Opening Pressure: 12" water max, Threads: 1/8" PFT SAE short

1452 Alemite Standard slotted flush type fitting,1/8" NPT,17/32" OAL,5/box

Alemite Standard slotted flush type fitting, 1/8" NPT, 17/32" OAL, 500 each/box

1606-B Alemite 1/8" PTF fittings 1-13/16"Lx1-1/4" Shank,Hex7/16",90 Deg ,Hydraulic

Alemite 1/8" PTF fittings 1-13/16"L x 1-1/4" Shank, Hex size: 7/16", 90 degree, Hydraulic, Maximum Pressure: 8,000 psi

1607-B Alemite Grease Fitting,1/8" NFPT Straight Hydraulic Grease fitting,PSI/10,000 1-1/4"x1/8 Pt

Alemite Grease Fitting, 1/8" NFPT Straight Hydraulic Grease fitting, PSI: 10,000 1-1/4" x 1/8 Pt

1608-B Alemite Grease Fitting,Drive fitting STR 5/16 DRILL

Alemite Grease Fitting, Drive fitting STR 5/16 DRILL

1610-BL Alemite Grease Fitting,Hydraulic Fitting Straight 11/16x1/8

Alemite Grease Fitting, Hydraulic Fitting Straight 11/16 X 1/8

1611-B Alemite Grease Fitting,30 Deg s Hydraulic 29/32x1/8

Alemite Grease Fitting, 30 Degrees Hydraulic 29/32 X 1/8

1612-B Alemite Grease Fitting,65 Deg s Hydraulic 27/32x1/8

Alemite Grease Fitting, 65 Degrees Hydraulic 27/32 X 1/8

1613-B Alemite Grease Fitting,90 Deg s Hydraulic 27/32x1/8

Alemite Grease Fitting, 90 Degrees Hydraulic 27/32 X 1/8 BULK

1618-B Alemite Grease Fitting,Hydraulic Straight 1x1/8 Pt (F)

Alemite Grease Fitting, Hydraulic Straight 1 X 1/8 Pt (F)

1620-B Alemite 45 Deg s Hydraulic 1-1/8x1/8 P (F)

Alemite 45 Degrees Hydraulic 1-1/8 X 1/8 P (F)